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JOB POSTING - Email Virtual Assistant

Why Join Our Team?



What We Do

Range Decals Inc specializes in replacement decals for all major brands of ovens, stoves, ranges, and cooktops. We design, engineer, and manufacture our decals in our production facility located in Beaverton, Oregon.  We have become the #1 leader in replacement decals due to our patented application process. 



Work from Wherever, Whenever

Our Email Virtual Assistants are free to work from the couch at home, or from a sandy beach on a tropical island. Provided there is reliable Internet and you have a quality computer, you can work anywhere. As long as the job is done well and our customers are happy, you have the freedom to create a schedule that gives you the perfect work-life balance.



Endless Opportunities

We’re always brainstorming and implementing new ideas that will best serve our customers. Although we'll expect you to adhere to the guidelines and systems that enable Range Decals to run smoothly, your creativity and initiative will always be welcome and rewarded. Once you've mastered the basics, there are plenty of ways you can move up and around within the company. 



Reliable, Long-term Income

Instead of constantly looking for the next gig, we try and give you as many (or as few) hours as you would like to take on. All members of our team have their own passion projects, so receiving long-term supplemental income each month allows each of us to pursue the things we truly love.



Freedom to Work Your Way

Once you complete the training period and have shown competency in all major areas, we will not micromanage you. You will be expected to get your job done right and done well and keep us updated with regular check-ins. Then we’ll leave you to get on with it in whatever work style and methods work best for you and our customers.



What We’re Looking For

Our customers hail from all over the world. As we never know what kind of audience our Virtual Assistants will have, we look for applicants with high levels of empathy and emotional intelligence who can readily adapt to different cultural norms and writing styles.


Since calls are sometimes required (along with email), native English or neutral accents are preferred, though all are welcome to apply and all will be considered. 


Once you complete the training period and have shown competency in all major areas, we expect you to have the desire to work independently and with minimal direction. Proactively seeking out solutions without being asked is as important as closely following directions.


Since the work of an Email Virtual Assistant is completely virtual, we require excellent written and verbal communication skills. Knowing how to ask the right questions is a skill that should be cultivated over the course of your time with us.


Since privacy and security are crucial tenets of Range Decals, adhering to our impeccable standards of confidentiality and safety is mandatory. There are many moving parts inside each email Inbox, so you must have the desire and ability to stay on top of all the specific details and instructions as you learn.


Although we encourage our Email Virtual Assistants to take a break on weekends and major holidays, we expect you to show up inside each email inbox on your assigned days. You can create your own schedule, but reliability is absolutely essential and non-negotiable.


We understand that this is a unique position and that you will have a lot to learn. As long as you show up as a dedicated A-player, you will receive nothing but support from us as a company.



What We’re Not Looking For

  • Applicants looking for a short-term gig. 

Building a working relationship requires a long-term commitment, as you will become an integral part of our team. 


  • Applicants who are not self-motivated and self-taught. 

Although we will provide all the necessary training resources to get started, we expect you to proactively seek out the details of technical questions and learn as much as you can about the customer's needs.


  • Applicants who are not open to constructive feedback. 

Since most of the communication happens through written communication, it is essential that you remain open to feedback and not take any corrections personally.



Job Description

  • Being an Email Virtual Assistant means showing up on your assigned days ready to shine and take care of any delegated tasks.


  • With time, our Email Virtual Assistants become the intermediary for all communication on both a micro and macro level. 


  • After completing a short training period with one of our onboarding managers, you will be ready to go at it yourself.


  • You will be compensated for each training period at the designated training rate, after which your rate will increase to the regular working rate.


  • One question we often receive from interested candidates: Will I need to have background experience or expertise in the Range Decals industry?


The answer is no! You will carefully study the pre-made responses and writing styles of our current team members, gradually building up a knowledge base of how to answer the various questions that come in so that they can delegate more decision-making to you. You will also build a variety of organizational systems that can be applied throughout our company. This process can feel overwhelming at the start but gets easier with each new email.



What Else You Need to Know

We have a few minimum requirements for you and your remote office:

  • An excellent high-speed internet connection.
  • A reliable computer with a working camera and microphone.
  • A quiet, distraction-free work environment to take calls in.
  • Computer proficiency with remote or cloud-based tools such as instant messaging, Skype, Zoom, especially Google Suite, MS Office (Word, Excel).
  • Working knowledge of Time Doctor, Help Monks, Charge Desk, and LiveChat
  • 1-2 years of experience as an office assistant, administrative assistant, personal assistant, or executive assistant is needed.
  • A high school diploma or equivalent is needed; some college is an asset.
  • Able to produce high-quality work consistently, with little to no supervision on a variety of projects.
  • Be a trusted gatekeeper who can maintain and protect confidential information.
  • Committed to excellence – with a strong, loyal, and dedicated work ethic.





  • This is a contractor 1099 position with the possibility of moving to a W2 position in the future.


  • All Virtual Assistants are responsible for tracking their time through TimeDoctor, sending in invoices, and ensuring that they remain 1099 compliant with federal and state tax law regulations.


  • Most Email Virtual Assistant roles start out as part-time (10 – 20 hours) and are best described as long-term, supplemental income. They have the potential to become full-time once mastery has been achieved. We recommend gradually increasing your hours with Range Decals alongside your current workload since a minimum amount of hours are not guaranteed. All positions have a 30-day trial period during which time your output will be evaluated against your effort.


We are currently accepting application submissions for an

Email Virtual Assistant and invite you to apply for this exciting role.


How To Apply



Submit the introductory application, which is usually completed in about 20 minutes.



If we feel you could be a good fit, we will contact you with one or two job related assessments to complete within a given time frame.



After satisfactorily completing the assigned assessments, we will conduct the final interview most likely over Zoom due to social distancing. 



We contract the company CHECKR to complete the reference and background checks.  Once we get notification they are complete, we will welcome you into your first paid training period.

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