6 Dials. 4 Burner. 2 Bridge. 9 Symbols


Stove/Oven/Range Universal Decals with:  6 Dials. 4 Burner. 2 Bridge. 9 Symbols
2 dials marked with a clockwise position HI-8-6-4-2-LO   LO-2-4-6-8-HI
3 dials marked in a clockwise position HI-8-7-6-MED-4-3-2-LO
1 dial marked in a clockwise position LO-3-6-HI  LO-3--6-HI  LO-3-6-HI
6 decals marked with each burner/bridge location.
9 Symbols.
14 text decals:  3 x Rear. 1 x Warm. 2 x Bridge. 2 x Small. 2 x Large. 1 x Rear. 3 x Front.

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We are proud to use a brand-new Patent technology of "Film-free" decals, which as the name suggests leaves no film.

They are made of heat resistant material and will withstand water and normal cleaning.


Check out the FAQ section for more "Film-free" information.


Refer to the Step by Step Instruction Video - Applying Film Free Decals


We Send You:


  • 2 Sets of oven- range- grill or stove decals for your specific appliance model number.
  • 1 application kit.
  • Step by step instructions on how to apply the "Film-free" decals.


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